Catch Coach Curator

Catch Coach Curator:

  • Guest speaker at “The Essence of Her” Retreat July 1, 2023, New Orleans, LA
  • Ethics & Self-Care, November 17, 2023, LSU School of Social Work

who I guide.

Facilitating big and small group experiences, in person and virtually, I’ve enjoyed helping to increase awareness about effective communication and racial sensitivity in the workplace. Both help to foster promote healthy work culture by improve morale and productivity.

I facilitate group experiences and retreats for:

  • Senior leadership retreats and team building

  • Teams needing help in working better together

  • Company events to onboard culture initiatives, connect cross-functioning teams, and inspire conscious growth

  • Private retreats and events

  • Year-end team reflection and goal setting

“Not only is Ms. Brown highly knowledgeable and skilled in her profession, she displays a high degree of compassion for her clients...”

~Curtis Nelson, Deputy Secretary, Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice 

“Avis is a competent clinician and self-care expert who provides services to help client live their best lives. I have known Avis for over two decades, and would recommend her for organizations or groups looking to provide support for their clients.”

 ~Dr. Lolita Boykin, LICSW, LCSW/Mental Health Expert

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Award Recipient

Award Recipient

signature sessions

Positivity Programs + Workplace Wellness + Growth Goals = Promote Productivity

To get to where you want to go requires a vision and a plan. Get clear on where you’re going and how to get there together.

▪️ SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis

▪️ Long lens vision creation

▪️ Strategy plan with Objectives, Key Results and Actions (OKRA’s)

▪️ Map out year one

Teamwork Together:

Use Silver Lining Session to clear on who you are how your skills can maximize the efforts of the team. Find new paths to work better together.

▪️Complete your Silver Lining Assessment: Identify your strengths, blind spots, weaknesses and opportunities

▪️Realign as a team

▪️Be the best team member to each other

Build Better:

Create a foundational culture to support health and wellness by making education and awareness about ways to avoid stress burnout

Silver Lining Self-Care Treatment

Trust is at the core of every successful relationship. Have the sticky conversations in a safe space so you can move forward with a solid foundation and a new way forward.

▪️Plan: I empower busy professionals in high pressure positions to avoid stress burnout and live more victoriously by practicing ignited self-care in this 8-Week Program. Each week focuses on one concept at a time. Worksheets are provided.

▪️PERKS: Corporate Swag Bag w/Curator gear – water bottle, Journal, Digital Workbook Digital Self-Care Tracker; 30% off Wellness Retreat

▪️You can book a FREE Consultation Call with me now to discuss how I can help your company select the program that is best for your organization or employee- click link here

“Avis performed exceedingly well at anything she was tasked with. She spearheaded a daily motivation reminder for staff which was received very well by all, including senior management. I especially looked forward to reading my daily motivational saying from her. She was also a change agent, introducing new ways of addressing problems that always produced constructive results. A very warm, people-person, she had a way of making you feel welcome to any conversation or activity.”

~Rhonda LeMora, CPHQ, LSSBB