Living Life Self-Carefully

Empowering Those In High Pressure Positions to Establish Effective Work - Life Balance and Avoid Stress Burnout.

The Ultimate Self-Care Survival Guide
For Corporate Professionals

This is the ultimate go-to survival guide to assist individuals in high pressure positions curate a mindset that adds value to their lives; preserve energy and natural gifts; decompress from the fast pace of work and personal life; and rejuvenate with strategies to build resilience against burnout.

I have a passion for showing other energetic overachievers how to prioritize self-care to reduce stress and avoid burnout.

Meet Avis "Coach Curator" Brown

Why am I equipped to help you?

At the tender age of 53 I am not ashamed to admit it took a lot of doing life the wrong way to find the right freeway to work-life balance. I now wake up excited about meeting the day’s challenge. I have learned to create the life I want to live and not run away from. It has taken a lot to get here and since arrival to this happier place I’m compelled to share the pathway for as many as believe better is possible.

I created a wonderful blueprint that I believe will help others who are in high pressure positions -who desire to succeed in the workplace – have enough fuel for family, friends, and the passions of life without exhausting all your fuel in wasted efforts or pursuits. My career path and life experiences lead to becoming a Self-Care Coach/Wellness Coach. My life got turned upside down in 2016 which fortunately didn’t break me but propelled to a major mindset shift in the way I decided to do life. I decided to “Choose Me Now” which led to a beautiful self-care journey I now enjoy and share with others. Intentional self-care saved my sanity. I have a passion for showing other energetic overachievers how to prioritize self-care to reduce stress and avoid burnout.

June 25, 2016, my 21-year-old son, Sterling, died in a car accident. That trauma was the hardest season of my life. Prior to his death, he told me he’d noticed I was always doing things for others and not doing enough for myself. He noticed I too often failed to put myself on my “to do” list. As a single mother, he noticed I worked several jobs at a time, try to keep he and his sister involved in activities, and serve in church. He watched me remarried and try to manage a blended family while often been pulled in different directions from the stressor of having some many tasks and responsibilities and not enough time.

To honor Sterling’s life and memory, I started prioritizing self-care for my personal well-being. I learned to preserve myself and help others without setting myself on fire to keep everybody else warm. I learned to keep my own cup full to serve others from a place of overflow. This reduces the risk of burnout. That looks like: setting limits with others; limiting access to my time; saying “No” unapologetically.

A 25+ year career as a clinician, I always worked in high pressure positions, supervised a team of professions, and managed everyday stressors in my personal life. I had written hundreds of treatment plans for clients. It occurred to me that I needed a personalized self-care plan for myself to have effective work-life balance. I was divinely inspired to develop my signature framework, Silver Lining Self-Care Treatment Plan. It introduces eight core concepts to curate a mindset shift focused on mind, body, and spirit. Incorporating as many core concepts as possible into everyday activities helps to decompress and stress less. I was able to start experiencing true work-life balance by the practice of intentional self-care. Prior to Sterling’s, death I was being treated for hypertension and on medication. In the months after practicing self-care, I no longer have hypertension. Silver Lining Self-Care Treatment Plan is a blueprint for teaching energetic performers the importance self-love in self-care.

I am thriving and maintaining a balanced lifestyle; helping companies promote employee wellness and those in high pressure positions live life self-carefully.

Work with Coach Curator

Signature Selfcare Programs & Experiences

Clarity Call | Power Surge Me

PSM: Clarity Call

A 30 min guided discussion to complete your Fuel Check Up. The Fuel Check Up is a self-care survey designed to allow individuals in high pressure positions the opportunity to assess work-life balance and start establishing their self-care goals.

W.O.W. Webinars | Workflow Of Wellness

WOW: Workflow Of Wellness

A set of 1, 3, or 6 45-minute live webinars with 15 min for Q&A. Workflow Of Wellness is an opportunity to make self-care a mindset for every aspect of daily living. WOW normalizes wellness habits in every setting to promote mental and physical wellness. WOW strengthens team efforts by focusing on reinforcing strength and building up weak areas for personal development.

4-Session Positivity Program | C.A.L.M. Power

C.A.L.M. Power

A 4-part program to help beat burnout and reduce stress while focusing on individual strengths and natural reinforcers to improve employee wellness. I accommodate 1:1 sessions with employees as needed. Group Coaching is preferred to allow interactive discussion and activities. Great for team building and fostering a healthy work environment. A healthier team is a more productive team.

Signature Program" Silver Lining Self-Care Treatment Program

Self-Care 8-week Treatment Program

Using the 8 Core Components of the Silver Lining Self-Care Treatment Plan, I use real life situations and challenges to help group participants develop strategies to reduce stress, anxiety and the overwhelming of establishing effective work-life balance. Each week focuses on one concept at a time, empowering busy professionals in high pressure positions to avoid stress burnout and live more victoriously by practicing ignited self-care.

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What My Clients Have to Say...

-Michael Gaines

“Avis is deeply committed to the welfare of client’s and diligently works to help to achieve a positive outcome.”

-Sarah Farlough
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

“Ms. Avis is truly amazing! She is very caring, compassionate and a great motivator. She is always willing to help in any way she can and is extremely resourceful. I highly recommend her!”

-Dr. Courtney J. Loyld

“Avis is a breath of fresh air! She’s one of the most knowledgeable people I know in the field of mental health. She offers a great balance between expertise and practicality. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her, and would recommend her for all things mental health and self-care.”

-Ashton Rabalais
Marketing Director

“Avis. Where do I begin? She is a bright light to be around. She has the wisdom and grace that one strives for. She gives the best advice and has a calming presence. Avis is a pleasure to be around. I had the honor of working close to Avis at Blue Cross Blue Shield Louisiana…She was a great sport with Jori and I’s social ideas…She truly strived to help everyone she touched. Her words have a major impact. Avis is someone you learn something from every time she speaks. Wherever she is, I know she is making others feel good…feel heard.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you travel to all 50 states?

Yes, and also globally per request. Package price includes travel cost.

Are services available in-person or virtually?


Do you provide services to only provide services to adults?

No, services are available to youth groups as requested.

Are services available outside of listed office hours?

Yes. Schedule consultation call to discuss requested date and time.

Do you customize presentations for each audience?

Yes, presentations are customized and suited to address issues related to the audience’s needs.