Nothing Says Self-Care Like An All Inclusive Luxury Escape

Coach Curator Presents

Sanity saving self care retreat
orange beach september 29th - oct 2nd

Day 1 :
Dinner & Dynamic Dialogue

Participate in a candid conversation about self care best practices in the format of Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Physical, Occupational, and Financial self-care. Coach Curator will fuel your spirits and teach you how to keep your tank full over a delicious dinner.


A day filled with activities that'll fuel your personal wellbeing and offset the mindset of "taking care of you". Enjoy relaxing on the beach, indulge in decompression with a professional massage, experience the sunset on a memorable Yacht ride & more.

Day 3: Silver lining session

A intimate day receiving self care guidance from Coach Curator as she introduces her Silver Lining Self Lining Treatment Plan. This day includes group activities such as games and vision board party.

Day 4: Debrief & best wishes

GOODBYE to old self sabotaging habits and HELLO to new self improvement habits. Although we will part ways on this day, your new discovered self care tools and resources stays with you forever to be implemented into your day to day.

Cost to Attend.

Early Bird Cost
Early Bird Deadline 4/29/2023
Regular Cost
$675 after 4/29/2023
Deposit Option: $275
Remaining Balance Auto-drafts On: July 29th 2023
Need to pay over a period of time? Checkout using "Paypal" Credit Option.

Whats Included in your stay?

Meals & Drinks (non-alcoholic)
Yacht Ride
Vision Board Party Materials
Self Care Silver Lining Treatment Plan
Self Care Swag Bag
Self Care interactive workbook
& More.

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Do you want to learn how to create the kind of life that you don’t want to constantly escape from?

Are you just tired of and exhausted from the everyday hustle and bustle and want to learn more about work life balance? Or do you want to have fun but just haven’t made time to prioritize doing something just for You? If your answer is yes to either of these, Sanity Saving Self-care Retreat for women is just what you need. Come join us for some fabulous fun while you learn how to make memories and healthy habits at the same time to: Refuel, Refresh, Renew.

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