Sanity Saving Self-Care Podcast

What is Sanity Saving Self-Care?

Sanity Saving Self-Care requires daily expressions of self-love. Healthy self-love allows one to unapologetic make health and well-being choices for personal fulfillment on a consistent basis to refuel, refresh, and renew. Keeping a full cups empowers you to serve others from a nourishing overflow. Fall in love with yourself and realize you are the silver lining in your own story. Search for the silver lining in the darkest cloud and discover -YOU are resilient, strong, and gifted. I initially started this podcast to help grieving mothers dare to live life forward – victoriously. By sharing my journey to health and on-going healing, I chronicle the way intentional self-care has saved this clinician’s life and impacted the lives of others. I’m a licensed clinical social worker with over 25 year experience and also a mother who lost a son due to a tragic car accident. This journey has shown me there is beauty for ashes and oil of joy instead of mourning. Join me as I share this journey from tragedy to victory unlimited.

~ Coach Curator

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