Your "To-Do" List Should Also Include Doing What's Best for You" ~ Coach Curator

Coach Curator Mission:

To inspire self-love – by the intentional practice of self-care to enhance the mind, body, and spirit.

Coach Curator Vision:

To help busy corporate employees in high pressured professions curate self-care habits that promote long-lasting health and wellness.

How Can I Help?

Coach Curator uses her 25+ year experience as a Clinically Licensed Social Worker and Certified Life and Wellness Coach- working in high pressured positions, supervising teams, and developing treatments for her clients as a “blueprint” to serve and provide professional development and stress management services to leaders and employees of small businesses, corporations, and nonprofits.  By using Coach Curator’s healthy coping mechanisms and strategies for stress reduction and staff development, you can improve your company morale and create a positive and productive work environment.

Do you need help carving out time to prioritize intentional self-care and understanding the importance filling up your own cup first? Do you feel guilty about doing things for yourself or feel self-care is selfish? if your answer is yes to any of these questions you need to schedule a Clarity Call. You deserve to choose you now.

Clarity Calls are 30-min 1:1 or Group Sessions (on-site or zoom – 5 participants max per group) guided discussion to complete your Fuel Check Up. The Fuel Check Up is a self-care survey designed to allow individuals in high pressure positions to assess work-life balance and establishes a starting point of where to begin in establishing self-care goals. You get to keep the assessment as a tool to start your own independent self-care journey. Each participant will be given an opportunity to sign up for the individualized Self-Care Program that’s best suited for them.

Cost: $199 Individual $399 Group

W.O.W. Webs are 45-minute webinars with 15 min for Q&A. Perfect for great team building activities. Each webinar focuses on setting realistic goals to enhance work-life balance. These goals build resilience while promoting a positive mindset to help meet the challenges of this every changing world we now live in. Research has revealed that happy workers do not work more hours than their less content colleagues – they are simple more productive within their time working. Helping to creating a healthy mindset is critical to equipping today’s marketplace with workers who are able react to ebb, flow, and unpredictable nature of what the average day can bring – and be the part of what make it a productive and beneficial day for the company. 

Work On Wellness is an opportunity to make self-care a mindset for every aspect daily living. WOW normalizes wellness habits in every setting to promote mental and physical wellness. WOW strengthens team’s efforts by focusing on reinforcing strength and building up weak areas for personal development.


  • Create a JOY Plan + Worksheet
  • POP: Pause on Purpose
  • G.R.O.W. & Go + Worksheet
  • Beat Burnout for The Win

Employee wellness is built on the premise that healthy employees have a positive impact on the bottom line in many ways. Employee well-being encompasses physical, emotional, and mental health, and is closely associated with happiness. As a Wellness & Self-Care Coach, I help empower organizations to support employees establish effective work-life balance and sustain a positively productive team.

Availability suited to business demand evening sessions available. 10 participant max.

Cost: 1 Session – $598 3 Sessions – 15% off $1525 – 6 Sessions 25% off $2691

“4-Session Positivity Program | C.A.L.M. Power”

  1. A. L. M. power is a 4-part program to help beat burnout and reduce stress while focusing on individual strengths and natural reinforcers to improve employee wellness. C.A.L.M Power employee wellness initiative and personal development program will
  • Identify “Team” barriers
  • Promote a Positive Mindset
  • Boast Energy and Productivity
  • Motivate Teams to Work Collectively for One Common Goal
  • Improve Company Performance
  • Help Improve Mindset and Build Resilience
  • Incorporate Work- Life Balance

C.A.L.M Power “Blueprint”

Part 1. Clearing the clutter caused by negativity and recognizing faulty thinking exercises.

Part 2. Activating the power of positivity with affirmations exercises.

Part 3. Limiting negativity’s deceptive qualities and scripts to deal with pessimistic people.

Part 4. Making the most of communication styles that enhance workflow productivity with practice activities.

Each Session can last up to 2 hrs.

Group Coaching is preferred to allow interactive discussion and activities. 1:1 and group coaching, on-site or Zoom – 10 participants max per group.  1:1 session with employees can be accommodated as needed. C.A.L.M Power is Great for team building and fostering a healthy work environment. A healthier team is a more productive team.

What’s included?

  • “Positivity Prompts” Workbook
  • ________Ebook
  • 30% off Seasonal Webinars.

Cost: $7998

In a lighthearted and down to earth manner, using the 8 Core Components of the Silver Lining Self-Care Treatment Plan, Coach Curator use real life situations and challenges to help group participants develop strategies to reduce stress, anxiety, and the overwhelming feeling of establishing effective work-life balance.

Coach curator strives to empower busy professionals in high pressure positions to avoid stress burnout and live more victoriously by practicing ignited self-care in this 8-Week Program. However, each week focuses on one concept at a time, and worksheets are provided to navigate each working component of the plan. This treatment plan is facilitated each week in person and can accommodate up to 50 team members. For out of state organizations I can offer a more tailored solution- i.e., 4 hr 2 day sessions or whatever works best for your team.

With emphasis on, establishing and maintaining work-life balance, Coach Curator signature framework, The Silver Lining Self-Care Treatment Plan, encourages and promotes healthy lifestyle choices.

What’s included?

  • Swag bag for each participant including curator gear, and self-care products.
  • Silver Lining Self Care Workbook
  • Digital Self Care Tracker
  • Tangible Silver Lining Self Care treatment plan including accountability worksheets
  • 30% off “Pause on Purpose” Wellness Retreat

Cost: $15,598 VS $1994

Still don’t know where to start?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions you need to schedule a Clarity Call. You deserve to choose you now.


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